Let them be little

I absolutely love this quote as it is such a great reminder to be present and not be restless for what is next. So much of the time I hear people say “I can’t wait until……” But we also can’t get that time back. Our children are in a precious and all too fleeting time […]

In their own time

Magda’s wisdom on this one really says it all. We are in such a rush for the child to be at the next step, to be ready to roll, crawl, sit, walk….. Milestones….Percentiles….Coffee group comparisons…Developmental “norms” The weight of these expectations is a heavy weight for small shoulders to carry. So lets simplify this. Do […]

Being the Lighthouse

The child is looking for the adult to be the lighthouse in the midst of their storm. We cannot help a child navigate their way through, and make sense of big feelings, when we are responding with our own big feelings. A little technique I find helpful to maintain my own peace ‘during the storm’ […]

Let them take risks!

When we look back over our experiences in life, we realise that we didn’t learn the most from the things that were smooth sailing, easy and neatly polished. On the contrary! We learn and grow from risk, difficultly and struggle. When we allow children to do the things that make the hair on the back […]

Be the message

When love is what we teach, we are growing little people that will contribute to, and have a better future. Understand the power of your modelling. Every time we interact with a child, especially through our words, and physical touch, we send a message. Our children are constantly downloading from us… “What must it mean […]

The beauty of the moment. The simplicity of PLAY

So often, we are so concerned about what the child is learning… Are they reaching milestones? How do they stack up against their peers… Are they “ready” for the next step…… Pre-School …School… We plan what we can teach next, extend upon and develop. While these things may seem impressive to some, I believe we […]


Our babies arrive here from birth, hardwired for connection. Have you ever been under the intense gaze of a newborn, scanning and searching your face? Your full, focussed and complete attention during moments of care fills up the emotional fuel tank for the baby. These times are opportunities for total connection and emotional satisfaction. Every […]

I just love this quote and image!! Trusting in the child to take the lead, means that we become the partner and co-learner. A true partnership is two equals, working alongside one another, valuing one another for who they are and what they are capable of.  

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