Feel out of your depth or helpless?
Exhausted and overwhelmed?
Unsure whether you're doing the right thing?
Or just wanting to achieve a more respectful and harmonious relationship with your child?

I love working with parents and their children to achieve the best that a peaceful family life can bring.

Parenting with Respect - The Basics 2hrs $265

A workshop to cover all bases of a respectful parenting approach. We will explore practical, simple practices of care, early learning, behaviour management, physical and emotional/mental development. This workshop will provide you with a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect for your peaceful parenting journey!


I can meet with you one on one, in your setting and help you with anything that you are requiring guidance on in your parenting journey. We can cover anything from sleep support, peaceful mealtimes, behavioural struggles and more.

30min Phonecall $65

Email Consult $110 – Four emails

In Home Consultations  $130 p/h

Video Call Consultations $110 p/h


Newborn care workshop 2hrs $265

In this workshop we will take a practical approach to helping you learn to care for and nurture your newborn with respect. I help you to partner with your baby in a relationship that will give your baby the best start in life. This workshop will give you confidence as a parent to truly enjoy your amazing newborn.

I'm also available for group workshops
(Coffee groups, play groups etc).

Enquire about Nanny/Au Pair training and development