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Helping you and your team to provide magical places of respect, peace and simplicity for young children and whānau through the influence of Dr Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach.

Group and one on one professional development

Daycare | Kindergarten | Kōhanga Reo | Nannies/Caregivers | Playcentre

Professional development sessions available throughout New Zealand


Observation – Changing the Lens We See Through

The power of observation is an underestimated tool in our work with young children.

We will work to really ‘change the lens’ through which we see the tamariki, enabling us to see with curiosity, openness and respect. Learn the art of observation while seeing in this new way.

A refreshing workshop based respect for the child, slowing down and achieving truly authentic relationships in group care.

Putting the Magic Into Mealtimes!

An in depth look at the wonderful opportunity meal times provide for relationships to grow, little minds to ignite and hearts to be filled!

We will work towards achieving top notch, beautiful mealtimes that empower, provide peace and invoke connection.

Care as Curriculum

A practical guide to providing respectful care for infants and toddlers in group settings.

This workshop will explore what it means to have care at the heart of the curriculum, covering respectful relationships, quality care moments, rituals, ideal environment set up and much more.

Who Are We?

Philosophy, beliefs, approach… all words that are pretty commonplace in the world of Early Education. Lets go deeper into what it means to have a team working together, deeply rooted in a solid philosophy.

When we know who we are and what we are about, we can be a truly united family. Discover the power of working from the same core beliefs to provide magical places for children to be, learn and grow.

Mind Those Feelings!

The complex world of emotions and challenging behaviour for infants and toddlers can be a challenge for all! Boundaries, limits and expectations will be explored with love and respect held central as we keep the child at the heart of the matter.

This workshop will help to develop confidence in adults to be who our tamariki need us to be as they learn and grow.

Be the Message

We teach what we are. A workshop designed to help educators explore their own beliefs and approach, in the context of group care for infants and toddlers.

We will unpack what it means to have this responsibility to our Tamariki and how we can work towards providing peaceful, respectful and loving places for children and adults alike.

Lets PLAY!

The serious work of childhood! In this workshop we explore the importance of play in through the lens of the respect, peace, simplicity mantra!

Learn how to create an environment and curriculum that encourages free independent play, deep concentration, autonomous learning and brilliant minded tamariki. This one is a fun and interactive workshop with a highly practical element.

Move… The Child Unfolds

In this workshop we will battle the culture of “next” that our world imposes on us.

Getting right back to basics of development from early infancy, and looking into each stage of learning. We will explore the incredible developmental blueprint our children are born with and what this looks like at its best. Learn how to provide an environment and program that encourages and supports children to naturally unfold and reach their full potential.

Sleep, Glorious Sleep!

A delicate and often challenging subject, sleep is one of the most talked about topics among people caring for young children. We will look into the importance of quality sleep and discover caregiving in a way that promotes healthy sleep lives for young children in group care.

An in depth look into respectful rituals and rhythms for sleep, as well as exploring together, the challenges and hurdles we face in relation to this subject. You will learn strategies to promote peaceful, respectful and healthy sleep patterns for the infants and toddlers in your care.

Personalised support

Professional development workshops for centres

I offer a range of workshops tailored for your needs as a centre or can create something unique to your requirements.

I specialise within the Infant and Toddler age group and am able to cater for all ages.

Teacher mentoring

Provisionally registered teachers going through the registration process will receive full support, personal and professional mentoring and guidance.

Recruitment guidance

Do you need help creating the dream team?

Looking for a new super star teacher to join an existing team?

I can offer a range of support to help you work through the process of selecting teachers who will help your service to flourish.

Personalised consultations

I can come to your setting and spend time getting to know your team, working environment and context.

From here I can provide advice, practical solutions and strategies, from anything to environment, layout, planning and assessment, self review and more.

I tailor advice and/or workshops, perfectly suited to your unique situation. A great way to achieve an even more personalised approach.


Speaking arrangements

I am available for speaking arrangements at conferences, cluster meetings, workshop days, etc.

I look forward to speaking at your next conference, seminar or event!